ChemBioOffice for 2013


  • Aug 2014. New installations will be version 14.0 - since Sara retired, you should contact Steven Karel or Lynn Rardin for the lab install code should it be necessary -- for the most part, you should be installing personal copies with licenses obtained from

Old news

A few things have changed from the supervisory end but nothing should change for users of the new version of ChemBioOffice . Going forward we will be installing Version 13.0. It is now on the campus download site. Features have been added that will be of interest to Biochemists.

ChemBioOffice Ultra 13.0 for Windows will be installed on the computer images for the labs and clusters. It is the Windows version available for download. ChemBioDraw Ultra 13.0.2 is the version available for Macs.
Students MUST register for a personal license on the Cambridgesoft website using their Brandeis email address when registering. If you have questions you MUST use your Brandeis email account to contact me. If you don't see your Cambridgesoft license arrive in your Inbox after you register, check your Spam folder. If you have registered with Cambridgesoft you should be able to log into the Cambridgesoft website to recover your license. The license email will have as the sender. Users who have a registration should go to the download site.

Laboratory computer administrators should contact me for the updated site license. (For the site license please do NOT fill in all the blanks User = Brandeis User and then put in the license. That is ALL.)

Users of older versions of ChemBioOffice2010 should upgrade to the current version.

If you lost your license, first search your Brandeis Gmail for "cambridgesoft" or "". If that fails, log into My Account on the Cambridgesoft website. Click "View Serial Numbers & Expiration Dates for Your Downloads". If you have lost your Cambridgesoft password I am sure there is an option to request a new password.

ChemOffice 13 will be installed on the computers in the Student Clusters.

May 22, 2013

ChemBioOffice Ultra 13 (Windows)

ChemBioOffice includes Ultra 13.0 combines ChemBioDraw Ultra 13, Chem3D Pro 13, ChemBioFinder for Office 13, ChemBioFinder Ultra 13.0 and MNova Std/Lite.

You can read more about the software on the CambridgeSoft website.

ChemBioOffice Ultra 13 (Mac)

ChemBioDraw Ultra 13 is also available and appears to be equivalent to the Windows version. Mac users should take a look at Chem3D below.

Chem3DŽ for iPad (Mac)

See for information on this free software for an iPad.

Active Database Subscriptions

* To locate our database subscriptions log into the CambridgeSoft website, and go to Database Subscriptions.

Installing ChemBioOffice 13 for Windows

Serial numbers

License for groups and laboratories

** I have sent the license information to Chemistry Faculty. Lab Administrators should contact me, Sara Kunz, for the Brandeis PC and MAC serial numbers. These serial numbers are only for University owned machines which remain on campus. They are not for personal machines.

Acquire a personal serial number

Any member of the Brandeis community (students, postdocs,faculty or staff) may request a serial number from the Cambridgesoft website to enable the Cambridgesoft ChemBioOffice Ultra on personal computers, both Windows and Mac. This personal license number is good for up to 3 machines. I recommend that you use no more than 2, one for home and one for your laptop, and reserve the third license for emergencies. To get your personal serial number go to:

Enter your Brandeis email address in the blank and click on SUBMIT.

Follow the steps on the website. If you are unable to register with Firefox try switching to Chrome or Internet Explorer. You will be sent your personal serial numbers and the location of the download website. We also have a local copy of the software see New Installation below.

Some files are quite large so we have provided a local copy(see New Installation below). To have full access to all the databases you will have to log into the Cambridgesoft website. For full details on the software go to the CambridgeSoft website.

If you have any problems downloading software or logging in, try switching browsers. For the technically oriented: I have had problems occasionally with cookies; you can either delete the cambridgesoft cookies and try again or switch browsers.


If you do not already have a login you need to Register at CambridgeSoft Membership Center. This is also the place to go if you have forgotten your password.

Recover your personal serial number

If you have previously received a personal serial number and don't remember what it was follow the CambridgeSoft instructions. Click on My Account on their home page and log in. They tell me: If users have misplaced their serial number, they can look it up by logging in on our website and clicking “View Serial Numbers & Expiration Dates for Your Downloads”. If you ask Cambridgesoft to recover your serial number they will just send you to me. If you send a message to asking me to recover your serial number it must be mailed from your Brandeis email account. I do take days off now and then and sometimes I even take vacation - please don't rely on my instantly recovering your serial number when your homework problems are due.

See the installation instructions below. I strongly recommend that you only install the software you need and will use. Deselect products by unchecking them during the installation process. You definitely do not want to install the SQL Server.

Your personal serial number can only be used on 3 machines. The most common reason, after forgetting their license key, that people can't activate ChemBioSoft is because they have used up their licenses.

Uninstall old version

These instructions were made when everyone was using Windows XP. Windows 7 users need to use Programs and Features.

  • If you have an old version installed on your Windows or Mac computer you should uninstall it completely and reboot before installing a new version! For Windows 7, use 'Programs and Features' on the Control Panel to uninstall the old version. If there is a license piece as well as the program entry you will need to uninstall both.


New Installation

Only install what you need!

Cambridgesoft really believes you should read their license.

Members of the Brandeis community with computers on the Brandeis network may install ChemBioOffice using the file share \\omega\ChemDraw. If you are installing the software on a personal machine registered on the Brandeis network you need to connect to \\omega using your UNet credentials first. Once you are connected to \\omega you can open to the ChemDraw directory. (I do say this farther down, but I say it here, just in case you might not read every word.) The manuals, ChemBio3D13.pdf and ChemBioDraw v.13 User Guide.pdf, are on the share. Off campus users should use the CambridgeSoft website.

You can also access \\omega by logging into the Brandeis Wormhole. If you can't access Wormhole with Firefox switch to Chrome which has its own Java. You will need to approve and exception for Java to run on this website.

Select Omega File Server and open the ChemDraw folder. (Are undergraduates able to access \\omega ?)

Download the software to your Desktop. Do not try to install it from the server.

1. Click on start

2. Click on Run. Type in \\omega\ChemDraw, choose the Mac or Windows installer to download.

  • Use the installer on the omega share if you are on campus, download it to your desktop. It is a big file.:


If your computer is in the Users Domain a Window will automatically open displaying the files available. If your machine is outside the Users Domain then you will need to go first to \\omega, log in with your Domain credentials and then open the ChemDraw folder:

  • Login if you are not in the Users Domain.:

The README_1st.TXT file describes the files and what the manuals cover.

  • Locate the Windows Installer.


  • Download it to your desktop. After it finishes uncompressing the installer starts automatically.:

Individual users to enter your name and your personal serial number provided to you by Cambridgesoft.

University installations need to use 'Brandeis User' in the name space and the University Serial Number.

  • Enter the license code.:

Once you fill in the required blanks the options change:

  • You need to click on the activate button next.:

Click on Activate over the Internet and if you succeed you will get the ChemOffice Installation Wizard:

* Next you will have to make decisions:



Everything after this is pretty straightforward. If there are Windows components missing, like .NET Framework, they will need to be installed before the installation can proceed. Once that is done and you start the installation again you may be asked for you serial number a second time.

-- SaraKunz - 23 July 2009, 5 May 2010, 5 Septermber 2012, 22 May 2013, 8 August 2013

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