Publicizing Your Seminar

A brief guide to publicizing seminars in the Sciences at Brandeis

Seminar Alert Level Examples What You Should Do
very low lab meetings, private talks nothing
low journal clubs, student talks, good postdoc candidates Add to Science Seminar Announcements (see below for instructions), Add to Seminar Web Listings
medium invited speakers all above, plus use Mailing List Reminders plus add to BrandeisEVENTS
high speakers of interest to public at large all above, plus add a story on the Science Blog, Submit as Featured Event at Brandeis NOW
scorching Nobel laureates, award lectures, rock stars, reality show celebs all above, plus contact the Office of Communicatoins,

Seminar web listings.

Most of the local seminar series have their planning calendars on a website somewhere - see Seminar Schedules. The ones on can be edited directly by people with Brandeis accounts (so you can fix your own seminar listing if it is wrong)

Science Seminar Announcements

There is a database of all science-related seminars at Brandeis. We use it for e-mail reminders and to publish seminar schedules on the web.

Reading and automatically receiving seminar announcements

on the web

via email

This is mostly automatic. To send the e-mail manually, use the script sendDailyEmail in the [[Trash.BioBioSeminarsDatabase][Science Seminars database].

  • published as a printable PDF file (the Biology Bulletin) weekly on Fridays during the school year via ls-seminarweekly

Putting information in the seminar announcements.

Each department/center has their own contact who has access to the database and can add seminars. These include:

Department Contact
Biochemistry Lynn Olsen
Biology/Neuroscience Jessica Maryott
Chemistry Mary Jassett
Math Tony Bottaro
Physics Catherine Broderick
Psychology Evelyn Caira
Rosenstiel Kim Hedly

How to access the seminar database directly

If you don't have Filemaker Pro, send details about the seminar via e-mail to the person on the list above most closely associated with your seminar series.

Record keeping

The database is used to keep a record of seminars for training grant purposes and internal planning.

Brandeis Events

There is a new university web calendar based on the room scheduling software R25, see

This calendar is based on R25 and hence on the authoritative room scheduling software. While departments are in charge of who is invited to speak and when, technically the rooms are scheduled by the Registrar's Office. So we cannot add events directly.

To add an event, use the Submit Event form. It may take five business days to get an event added, so make sure to do this early.

Brandeis NOW Featured Events

Spamming the mailing lists

This is a last resort. Don't do it unless you're desperate ( e.g., you forgot to publicize the seminar until the day before, it's at an odd time, etc.)

  • last minute changes to the schedule ( i.e., those that happen after 5:00 AM on the day of the seminar) should be explained in a brief e-mail message to
  • brief messages announcing seminars of interest to appropriate groups through our mailing lists. Do not be surprised if it takes a while for your message to go through; for most of these lists, a moderator will need to approve the message. Please do not indiscriminately spam all the lists.

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