Joint Biology and Neuroscience Colloquium, 2013-2014



Sept 04   Eve Marder, Brandeis University
          "Variability, Homeostasis, and Modulation in a Rhythmic Circuit"

Sept 11   Josh Kaplan, Harvard University (Sengupta)         
          "From compost to the clinic: using C. elegans to study psychiatric disorders" 
          Bauer Lecture Series

Sept 18   Mike Young, The Rockefeller University (Rosbash)         
          "Genes Controlling Sleep and Circadian Rhythms"
          Bauer Lecture Series

Sept 25   Katherine Pollard,Gladstone Institues and UC San Francisco
          "What makes us human?"       
          Brandeis Life Sciences Distinguished Lecture Series        

Oct  02   Mike Marr, Brandeis University (Nelson) 
          "Gene Expression in Response to Stress: A Tale of Two
          Transcription Factors"

Oct  09   Paul Miller, Brandeis University (Turrigiano)
          "From Neurons to Cognition: The Benefit of Non-Sticky Attractors in 
          Models of Perception, Decision-Making and Counting."

Oct  16   Chris Cowen, McLean Hospital (Paradis)
          "Molecular Mechanisms of Brain Wiring"

Oct  23   Ketan J. Patel, Cambridge University, UK (Haber)
          "Toxic Metabolism and DNA Repair in Blood Stem Cells"

Oct  30   Anna Kashina, University of Pennsylvania (Goode)          
          "A New Posttranslational Regulator of Actin Cytoskeleton"
Nov  06   Arthur Konnerth, Technical University of Munich (Lisman)
          M.R. Bauer Foundation Lecture Series - Weeklong Visitor
Nov  13   David Schneider, University of Alabama at Birmingham (Marr)
          "Surprising Differences Between Closely Related RNA Polymerases"

Nov  20   Tony Bretscher, Cornell  (Goode)
          "Defining and Regulation Cell Surface Domains: Insights from Epithelial Cells"

Dec  04   Donald Ingber (Harvard) Haber
          Dan Getz Memorial Lecture Series - Heart Research Series          
          "Programmable Nanotherapeutics and Human Organs on Chips"

Jan  15   Leslie B.Vosshall, Rockefeller University (Postdoc Association Members)
          "To Bite or Not to Bite:  The Neurogenetics of Mosquito Host-Seeking Behavior"
Jan  22   Kathy Cullen,McGill University (Dizio)         
          Bauer Lecture Series 
          "Neural Representations of Natural Self Motion: Implications for Perception and Action"
Jan  29   Elly Nedivi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Paradis)
          Bauer Lecture Series
          "Structural plasticity of inhibitory circuits in the adult neocortex"  

Feb  05   Alain Dahger, Montreal Neurological Institute (Katz)
          Bauer Lecture Series
          "Addiction or Choice: Functional brain imaging of appetite and drug craving"            

Feb  12   Justin Blau, New York University (Griffith)
          "How flies time: Neurobiology of the Drosophila circadian clock"

Feb  26   Andrew Murray, Harvard University  (Yoshida)
          "The Blind Watchmaker Lives: Evolving a Circadian Oscillator in Budding Yeast"

Mar  05   George Church, Harvard Medical School(Genetics Training Grant)
          "Radical Manipulation of Genomes and Complex Tissues"

Mar  12   Richard Masland, Harvard University (Lisman)
          Pepose Award Lecture “The neuronal organization of the retina:  answers and problems.”
Mar  19   Suzanne Paradis, Brandeis University (Nelson)
          "Signaling pathways that instruct rapid changes in neuronal connectivity"  

Mar  26   Boris Striepen, University of Georgia (Hedstrom)
          "Algal past and parasite present of Apicomplexa"

Apr  02   Alberto Pereda, Albert Einstein Medical School (Lisman)
          "Synaptic transmission mediated by gap junctions: properties and plasticity"

Apr  09   Bill Harris, University of Cambridge  (Nelson)
          M.R. Bauer Foundation Lecture Series - Weeklong Visitor
          "The development of the retina"
Apr  23   Bert Holldobler  (Perlman)       
          Brandeis Life Sciences Distinguished Lecture Series 
          "Multimodal Signals in Ant Communication"    
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